9-Dec-2018Waynesboro, PA+12 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a large dog pen/kennel for my daughter's dog.
Have a new addition a bit smaller than anticipated and don't have any preemie clothes. Any would be appreciated.
My special needs student has discovered the excitement of putting together model kits. If you have any I would LOVE to have them for him. I will pick them up as soon as I hear from you, Thank you
30-Nov-2018Waynesboro, PA+12 milesItems Wanted
In need of a new hood/engine cover for a John Deere X300 or compatible lawn tractor. I ve had too many run ins with trees. Now the hood loses pieces from engine vibration every time I run it. If you have a compatible tractor, I m happy to come and remove the hood.
I need a turntable I can plug into wall or that uses batteries for my Christmas window display. any size is good but would love one 12" or bigger
I really need help....I have been struggling in so many ways here lately and just when I was at a turning point, I have an inguinal hernia that is going to need surgery as fast as the va can get it scheduled....until then...I have a job that can be done from a wheel chair during recovery afterwards (NO work for a week)will take a few weeks....Christmas looks bleak....I would feel better if I ha...
20-Nov-2018Waynesboro, PA+12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a batting tee. I could also use softballs. These will be put to good use. Thank you so very much.
20-Nov-2018Waynesboro, PA+12 milesItems Wanted
for my teenage autistic daughter, size 2 or 3x, 22-24-26, she likes soft materials, mostly long skirts,and dresses, anything is greatly appreciated.
We have a beautiful dining room table but we no longer have chairs that go with it. We would like 6 but if you have 4 we would do that as well. The table is medium to dark oak but if the chairs need refinishing we could make them match.
18-Nov-2018Martinsburg, WV+21 milesItems Wanted
Hi I have been hitting thrift stores looking for baby boys clothing but, figured I see if anyone had any clothes to give away. I prefer the Martinsburg and/ or Inwood area.
17-Nov-2018Waynesboro, PA+12 milesItems Wanted
I need a Large Laundry detergent jug, approx 210 oz, they set on a shelf & dispense detergent. Thanks.
11-Nov-2018Martinsburg, WV+21 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for any totes med or large with lids to be used for outdoor cat shelters.Doesn't matter if dirty or marked on. TIA!!